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core php

Core or basic PHP is the very basic of programming in PHP. PHP, the reverse acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor is used to make creative websites. Core PHP has no library or frameworks; it is the basic coding with control structures and functions. Every website needs an outline or blueprint of its functioning and core PHP fulfills this requirement. Its basic features allow us to create dynamic websites making it the best base for the animations, and GUIs which would act as cherries on the cake. We use functions, control structures and exceptional handling in our codes through core PHP ensuring the proper functioning of website and later on the other creative and attractive elements are to make it an eye-engaging and worthy site for your users and visitors.


angular js

It is a web framework maintained by Google and many other communities. It is JavaScript and is used in developing applications - mostly single page. It also helps in developing and testing applications by providing frameworks for client side MVC (model-view-controller). By using AngularJs we ensure that the front end of your website works properly. Because front end means the page that would displayed to your viewer and all the functions carried out will also be visible. The AngularJs works by first reading the basic code page (HTML) and then interprets the HTML elements as directives to bind input and output parts of the page to a model supporting two way data binding. This ensures secure data transfer between your website user and you.



Laravel is a PHP based web framework used to develop applications which particularly follow the MVC (Model-View-Controller) software design. It is free and open source. The foremost reason we use Laravel is it reduces the time of our programmers with its awesome features like built-in authentication system, mail system, cache memory system etc. Your website is built in a more secure, non-vulnerable manner. We make sure that you don’t have to deal with routing issues, which mostly don’t occur because of Laravel. It has least chances of blank URL redirection and also promotes quicker development of URL routing configuration. Our programmers highly use Laravel for many other reasons including its lightweight templates which can be made with many sources such CSS, Images and text with complete coding



It is a free open source web framework. It is PHP based and is believed to be fastest among all frameworks. The basic difference between Laravel and CodeIgniter is that both of them follow the MVC (Model-View-Controller) except in the latter controller classes are a mandatory part, views and models are optional for development of the website. CodeIgniter can also be modified into HMVC (Hierarchical-Model-View-Controller) which is used for modular grouping. We choose the web framework according to the requirement in your website. If it can be enhanced with Laravel then we build it using Laravel otherwise CodeIgniter comes into picture. Our programmers and developers recommend and like using CodeIgniter because it integrates the user written scripts into making a core library for is very useful in saving time and space. Secondly, it has noteworthy speed.


cake php

CakePHP is a web framework which is written in PHP. It is open source. Generally it follows MVC but apart from it CakePHP it uses other popular software engineering concepts and designs like convention over configuration, active record, association data mapping and front controller. The best use of CakePHP is we don’t have to have to write monotonous code. When you come up with a request all we have to do is get our minds clear with logic and then pick up a CakePHP code which will serve as the basic code of our website. Using CakePHP also ensures us that the core of application that we developed for you is working properly and also it becomes easier for constant improvement. CakePHP is compatible with 4th and 5th versions of PHP.


node js

Nodes.js is a cross-platform runtime environment based on JavaScript. A runtime time environment is basically a space where we compile and execute programs. It is open source. Nodes.js is mainly used for server-side-scripting. Executing scripts on the server side to produce dynamic data before it’s is sent to client-side (user’s browser). Normally applications use different languages for client scripting as well as server scripting, but nodes.js allows programmer to write in the same language. Many clients come up with dynamic website demands which include multiple processes to run at the same time. Nodes.js has an event driven architecture which is performing asynchronous I/O – a input-output process which allows other processes to complete successfully in turn helping us in fulfilling the client`s demand.



It is a CMS (Content Management System) based on PHP and MySQL. It is greatly used for blogging; apart from it WordPress supports mailing lists, media galleries, forums and online stores. Features include themes, plug-in architecture and a template system. The themes in WordPress are responsive that which means they are adaptive to any screen irrespective of its size. A theme is very necessary in designing the creative base of a website. Primarily, plug-ins act as pieces of code or say act as functions present in programming language. If you demand to have multiple textboxes in your website we just need to download a plug-in for it on WordPress rather writing huge amount of code for it Adding it would give your website maximum user exposure and traffic on your website.








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